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Unfair Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at Unfair, an amusement park themed game released by CMON!

00:00 – Introduction
01:29 – Game overview
09:54 – Final thoughts

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  1. Tom… you like Galaxy Trucker, a game where you virtually build everything only to watch it destroyed in the end… while Unfair has take that in it, virtually you are destroying everything nonetheless… Is it just the "take that" mechanism that ruins it for you (because it seems like Galaxy Trucker) has a similar plot to it!

  2. haha. You can always tell it's a negative review when he starts in straight away saying nice/neutral things about the components.

  3. I almost backed this on Kickstarter but when I realized it had what seemed to be a big "take that" element I decided not to. Thanks Tom for this review. I get that people like take that elements but I'm not a big fan of it. If I don't like it in Smash Up, there is no way I'd like this game.

  4. Thanks for the review Tom. Almost kickstarted it, almost preordered it, ultimately decided not to. I love love love the park theme, reminiscent of RCT which I love. But hearing it has such 'take that' elements, it's prolly not good for us. I'm a bad enough sore loser, lol, and hubby gets so annoyed by it. This will likely cause nothing but problems. Such a shame, cause I had such high hopes for the theme. Thanks for saving me a few bucks, and a disagreement LOL.

  5. I have to disagree with this review. I've played this game 4 times so far and everyone that I've had played with loved it. I usually don't like Take that Games but this felt different and didn't seem beneficial all the time to use the bottom actions. Everyone of our games we might of each played the bottom action maybe once.

  6. I rarely venture out of the cooperative game genre, unless it is a really awesome competitive game. I am not, however, interested in 'take that' games. The real world is cruel enough … I'd much rather help my fellow players, and I don't really care who wins as long as everyone has a good time. Like Tom, I am very disappointed that a game with a fantastic and under-used theme like amusement parks has to build in an element of pure meanness. I just don't get it.

  7. I love these very emotive reviews! Thanks for a glimpse into this game Tom! Will take all these deets into account before jumping into this one 😊

  8. I can always tell when tom doesn't like a game by him complementing the component quality right out the gate.

  9. Great review Tom. And I have to admit, the game is unfair. And at that point, why not play Fluxx or Munchkin instead. It's cheaper. Avoiding this.

  10. You are hurting other people to bring them down, which at the same time either brings you closer to the top, or makes you go even further ahead.
    I don't understand the hate for take that. You go to game knowing there are take that elements, someone can destroy your ride, so maybe, just maybe don't put all your eggs in one basket. You need to play around the other people! Take that games are the polar opposite of multiplayer solitaires. You have to be aware of other people, play in a way you don't over expose yourself, you have guards in place, and know when to hit the other players.
    Maybe the other reviewers didn't think they were playing a Castles of Mad King Ludvig, the amusement park edition, but a solid mean competitive game where you have to be on the edge.

  11. This review is very unfair. He built expectations without paying attention to: Title, box description, previews, KS campaign, PnP…

    It's not like this was hidden or badly promoted.

  12. I haven't played the game yet, and I respect the review. I, too, am not a big fan of "take that" games. However, I understand the "take that" is the balancing of kind of a "press your luck" element. Briefly looking at the event cards, it seems that any cards that destroy an attraction, are just one attraction. If you have an attraction with 25 icons on it, yeah that's 310 points. So, there is the temptation to build that one awesome attraction to go for the big points. However, that can be shut down by one event card. It seems safer to build many attractions, but that gives you fewer points. So part of the "take that" seems avoidable if you don't make yourself a target. Am I wrong on this?

  13. i playtest that game last gen con and i was sooo disapoint and never got the "hype" i was really waiting for this review and you did point at all the problem we had glad im not alone!

  14. Man, I really don't understand the negative reaction to this game. Your favorite game Cosmic Encounter is full of negative take that actions that don't benefit yourself, except that if you think about it they are helping you. You are possibly preventing someone else from winning. It's a great balancing mechanic to have to evaluate each event card to figure out if it is better to play the top part or the bottom part based on the current state of the game. Oh well, to each their own, but I can't understand hating on this game for the reason that you dislike the take that actions.

  15. lol. wow Tom. Did you really just review a game that explicitly told you it has mechanics you don't like, and then complian about it having those mechanics?

    The luck and randomness was good to pick out. You seem to leave out explaining that players at the table should know or have an idea in whats in each theme deck though. players can be going for blue prints before they even draw them, and they should have an idea at what event cards could come up so they play around them. but luck is luck. if you draw poorly, you are probably gonna fall behind, and if players gang up on you, I can see this game being "unfun". I got this game on the mail the other day, so I'm curious to see how balanced or un-balanced it is with more plays.

  16. Your critics are exactly why I didn't back the game: it's a take that game, not a tableau/engine building game. If I got hit with random drone strikes while playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, I wouldn't enjoy it either :p

  17. Played my first game last night.
    Can't say I totally agree with Tom's critique but I can kinda relate a little. I do like "take that" games, this is "take that extreme" lol .The game can be brutal, however it's called unfair so you know what your getting yourself in to from the get go. A few house rules though and you could almost eliminate that element if you wanted to.
    Can someone explain the "Quality" cards as I found them a waste unless you got to play the card free. $15 to buy for just 1star when some upgrades are $4 for the same star rating. I thought the "Quality cards" should start at 3stars considering the cost.
    I did run into a problem when i decided to work on a blueprint which required me to build a food outlet and upgrade it, only to discover that the card I had couldn't be upgraded and the only other food outlet left that could be upgraded in the deck was already owned by my opponent. I wasn't happy about losing points for that blueprint. I now know not to pick a blueprint unless I can get it done or at least look at the deck to see how many copies of each card there are, a first game lesson.
    I did enjoy the game and will probably like it even more after few more play throughs.

  18. I'm mystified that after remarking on so many negative things, considering the game unfun and frustrating and imbalanced and "an incredible disappointment", you still gave it a 5 out of 10! Egad! Have some teeth, my man!

  19. …or the reviewers who hate "take that" but yet loved the game are just paid shills.

    Becoming just as bad as the video game industry.

  20. After playing this 6-7 times now, I can say pretty confidently that Tom's complaints here are pretty much nonsense. If events weren't valuable, nobody would ever take them; it wouldn't be a viable choice in the game. If there was no take that element, it would just be a race to build your park without any means of slowing down a runaway leader. It would literally come down to whoever drew a good synergy combo first, it would be totally boring and this game would vanish off the radar entirely very quickly. He really oversells the take that element too; taking that option means you aren't helping yourself, and especially at higher players counts where you have more targets, hurting one person might not be worth losing a lot of money or card draw. Dismissing this game based solely on Tom's review would be a mistake. Try if you get the chance.

  21. Yeah, tom doesn't hold back when he's upset…..one of the reasons I trust his review style. I may still give this a look but I'm hesitant.

  22. I lol'ed at the disappointing hammersmash at the end!

  23. I have yet to play mine, but this video sort of makes me not want to play it…….

  24. My favourite part of this review is the fact Galaxy Trucker is right beside his face which is about building a space truck and then it gets randomly torn apart. Sure it's not "take-that" as you're not really screwing over your opponents but it's very similar in that aspect.

  25. Wow, you label the game as 'disappointing' because you simply don't like a game that has 'take that' element? yet you review 'unfair' in which you should already know that the game is all about 'take that'.

    It's the same as food blogger who dislike sushi and try to review a sushi dish (in a sushi restaurant) and label the food as "disappointment".. wth Tom?

    This review is so "unfair"

  26. This game plays just fine.. there is "take that" but you usually only get hit one round in the game and it evens out at some point. You only get 3 action a around so there are some goo option to think about each turn.. Sorry, I disagree with this review.

  27. Yup, just played this for the first time and it completely winded me. In the last turn after building up my engine a player drew an event card which they used to take out two out of three attractions out of my park . That cost me 50 income on that last turn which equates to 25 points at game end! I lost 105 to 106 (to 79). It wiped out 25% of my entire score based on one card draw (the event card).

    And you can't really keep back defence cards because there are three ways you an be attacked and you only have a five card limit. So if you hold three defence cards you are kneecapping yourself.

    The staff member who reopens two rides as an action is therefore completely overpowered and only costs 4 to put out!

    No hurry to play that again, ever!

  28. I just bought this game after watching a play through. The event cards have an "or" between the top and bottom part of the card. So you usually have to make a decision to hurt someone or to better yourself. I think that's balance in itself, because the game allows some very good positives, but they don't hold the same weight depending on how early / late you acquire them. Sometimes the best move is not to play anything, and hold on to a certain card. While hurting someone is fun for some, and not for others, it's sometimes needed when someone is running away with the game and you can't do anything to stop them. If your strategy is to completely rely on a single ride / staff member combo per say, then you should really take precaution to protect it. If it's clearly obvious that your "machine" is 2x or 3x better than other players, you're only making yourself a target. Rightfully so if you ask me.

    I think this game has a wonderful theme, and after watching the full play through, I can't wait to bust this out next time and have a blast. Very happy to add this to my list of games despite this review.

  29. Tom was definitely that kid that cried every time someone beat him in a game lmao!

  30. So, taking a blueprint card feels a bit like drawing a ticket card in TtR. Of course, you can chkose from 3. But sometimes all are bad 🙂


  32. i wish i watched this before i bought it.

  33. Expansion for Aliens, B-Movie, Dinosaurs, and Westerns will be out soon enough! Horray! Love this game!

  34. Honestly think the event cards are balanced a free build but is a minus 2 to your hand…. grabbing a card in the market so no one else can get it is so strong especially the turn your going last… problem people have in unfair is knowing what cards to save and ones not to save

  35. I love your criticism! You are my #1 go to for seeing if I will like a game or not. Keep it up!

  36. Unfair, I feel was a very well thought out game.

  37. I don't like that kind of game either – the take that game.

  38. Tom is acting like a bitch. This game isnt for pussies lol

  39. I wonder if a few solid house rules could fix it? Shouldn't have to do that, but it might work.. For instance 3 blueprints tuned face up at all times letting you choose?

  40. This is a great game in my opinion. I have so many board games and, every time friends pass by, the want to play this instead of many of other, maybe more pretentious, games that I have. And, after the 100th time, it is still wonderful and fun.

  41. @Tom Vassel – FunFair is now available for preorder!

  42. Has Tom reviewed Funfair yet? Hopefully he'll like that one better 🙂

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