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Unmatched Review – Featherweight Fantasy Fightin’

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. My Copy of epic duels is in such old condition, I'd love a reprint

  2. Have I missed something? Everything seems to be 5/10 bucks more expensive than Quins has suggested?

  3. Prices have risen, but it's still a great deal 🙂 I love me some pretty games.

  4. 1:34 "Cobble and SMOG", an ec(k)ocritically freudian slip! Great review, love it;o)

  5. Sooooo, "Epic Rap Battles of History: The Board Game".

  6. A note to Quinns on "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood": The Bruce Lee scene is a false memory in the mind of Brad Pitt's character, in where he goes toe to toe with one of the baddest motherf***ers in history. Quentin Tarantino WORSHIPS Bruce Lee.

  7. He kept saying “undaunted”… that was really frietrating

  8. Looks so fun! HATE the boards though. Those circle spaces are far far too big

  9. That was the video that sealed the "before the lockdown" part of 2020, I presume…

  10. Undaunted, Undaunted, Undaunted, Undaunted,

  11. Huh, Quins only has 150 games. Join me in the 200 club Quins. We have too little storage and more games than we can ever hope to play.

  12. Do you deliberately get the names wrong for humour or is it a genuine mistake? 'Cobble and smog', 'Undaunted'

  13. Thank you SO MUCH for this recommendation Quinns!!! I got the cobble and fog set yesterday and I have played like 10 times! This game is awesome!!!!!!!

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