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Unmatched Review – Featherweight Fantasy Fightin’

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. What business does a tabletop game review channel have being so funny and entertaining?! I recently got into tabletop gaming with my kids in lockdown, and found this channel to give me some ideas; I didn't expect to find a new favorite comfort viewing channel. Lol

  2. "Had to figure out age using a website" haha same

  3. Conspiracy: two or more people planning in secret to commit criminal activity. Bigfoot: not a conspiracy.

  4. Cleanliness : 10 Theres no dirt in that box
    Just butter from the popcorn

  5. I still have star wars epic duels, i really want this , i just wish u didnt only get 4 guys from the base pack then the expamsions are expensive

  6. Wait a second I’m 33 and this year I had to google my age lol. I couldn’t remember whether I was 32 or 33 😂😭

  7. I want something like this but that can go up to a couple dozen players.

  8. There's an Transformers: Armada version of Epic Duels as well!

  9. I already own everything I can from this game. Now please tell me how I can buy that fun chart at 15:24.

  10. Tarzan Vs Indiana Jones, Rocky Vs the karate kid, knight rider Vs the A-team. The possibility' s are endless

  11. Excellent and funny review as always! Have you tried the 2v2 mode? Is it good? I am desperatelly looking for a good 2v2 game.

  12. In comparison to the art on the cards, the boards look like absolute ass though. And what bothers me most about that is not the lack of aesthetic quality itself, but the inconsistency.
    I think investing in a better design there would've paid off. As someone who has bought stuff just for its art before, I would never consider buying this for that reason alone since half of what makes up the game is subpar.

  13. The assymetric characters and the artwork reminds me of Disney villainous

  14. To be fair, Undaunted is a better name than Unmatched.

  15. Soooo… how do you play "strip" Ethnos? Asking for a friend.

  16. How is Agricola a section on the fun wheel? 😀

  17. Dammit, I already know I'm gonna sink a ton of cash in this for the mini and artwork and barely take it out because of my group/group size.

  18. Any game where Bruce Lee is a playable character. I'm in. Just like with Zombicide with the Bruce like character. But we all know it's Bruce. Come on.

    And now Bruce vs. King Arthur or a Raptor. Sounds like way too much fun a player can have while having clothes on. Unless you game naked. Then this would be to orgasmic for one to handle.

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for this recommendation Quinns!!! I got the cobble and fog set yesterday and I have played like 10 times! This game is awesome!!!!!!!

  20. Do you deliberately get the names wrong for humour or is it a genuine mistake? 'Cobble and smog', 'Undaunted'

  21. Huh, Quins only has 150 games. Join me in the 200 club Quins. We have too little storage and more games than we can ever hope to play.

  22. Undaunted, Undaunted, Undaunted, Undaunted,

  23. That was the video that sealed the "before the lockdown" part of 2020, I presume…

  24. Looks so fun! HATE the boards though. Those circle spaces are far far too big

  25. He kept saying “undaunted”… that was really frietrating

  26. A note to Quinns on "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood": The Bruce Lee scene is a false memory in the mind of Brad Pitt's character, in where he goes toe to toe with one of the baddest motherf***ers in history. Quentin Tarantino WORSHIPS Bruce Lee.

  27. Sooooo, "Epic Rap Battles of History: The Board Game".

  28. 1:34 "Cobble and SMOG", an ec(k)ocritically freudian slip! Great review, love it;o)

  29. Prices have risen, but it's still a great deal 🙂 I love me some pretty games.

  30. Have I missed something? Everything seems to be 5/10 bucks more expensive than Quins has suggested?

  31. My Copy of epic duels is in such old condition, I'd love a reprint

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