VENOM Assault Review - with Married with Board Games -

VENOM Assault Review – with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Married with Board Games take a look at this cooperative Deck-Building game set in a militaristic future.

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  1. Do you get a final score or is this just a win/lose outcome? Whats avg game time? Are the cards linen?

  2. What a great game, just got it recently after seeing this review. Thanks 😊

  3. Looks like Marvel Legendary…. is it different?

  4. The artwork on the cards looks nice, but that gameboard is kind of lackluster, and doesn't excite me at all. The 'almost GI Joe' theme is enticing, but I'd rather try and convince Hasbro to let Upper Deck give us a Legendary Encounters: GI Joe Deck Building game. If there was ever a theme that was tailor made for the Legendary system, it's GI Joe vs COBRA.

  5. Great review of what is probably my fave game of 2016. I'm a big deckbuilder fan and I seriously LOVE this game. Best thing about it, is the awesome inter-play between cards with effects and relationships that impact depending on what's out (and what's played) when. So thematic and so engrossing. Like how characters in a relationship help each other if they're both on the board, or how the bad guys with a passion for gambling or dabbling in occult have related powers/effects.

    Plus, I love how hard it is. I've spent double-digit turns trying to win a battle against a Venom Leader and felt like it was broken or a waste of time. Then, I get the slow-burn build up I need, with the tools and maybe event benefits needed to make a claim and boom… get the bad guy. Awesome stuff and the event cards really work well with the missions and characters.

  6. I like how balanced this video was, with both reviewers getting equal screen / talk time. So many channels with more than one reviewer end up with one steam-rolling the other and not letting them get a word in.

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