Viral Review - with Married with Board Games -

Viral Review – with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Spencer and Lara check out this smackdown of a game in which each player (read: virus) tries to take over and wreak havoc!

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  1. Interesting. Thank you for the video. I had a different impression on the game when I played it out at gen con. Area control tends to be my favorite game mechanism and I found this game to be a bit convoluted in it's approach. The theme is great and shines through in the game sure, but we found the iconography to be confusing at times and we were never really sure what was a winning strategy in the game. The reviews I've seen mention not leaving too many viruses in one particular organ/zone. However, if your virus's do not get researched, we found that you cannot get them back to your board to pursue other areas on the board as the bonus control points change. We also had players that did not realize that you need to score points pretty fast (no slow build up strats) as the viral mechanism cards added to ones hand are a pretty big advantage. All in all, we'd like to play it again to see how things change with another play through but it didn't blow us away.

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