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War of the Ring – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. "I'm thirty years old and managed to injure my back sitting this game up" I love these reviews.

  2. las pantallas verdes son lo mejor

  3. you saying Soreron instead of Sauron hurts my soul

  4. Overall, another great review! TBH though, as a fan of the books, I was put off by the needless commentary/opinion on Tolkien's usage of Easterlings in the book. I mean come on, based on the content of the rest of the review you don't seem to know much about the fiction this game portrays. I found myself just trying not to write off the review after that. Maybe just stick to reviewing games and leave the review of the books / source material to someone else.

  5. Im getting this for my birthday 😀

  6. This is probably my favorite table top game i've ever played, even though i only played it a few times with my brother since we bought it. The Covid lockdowns didn't help with out gaming schedule, but i wish i had more time to play it! It just works on so many levels and it feels like there is more then one way to play it 😀

  7. I would so like to play this.
    But I don't want to kidnap multiple people to play it with me

  8. Where can I meet a friend that I can play a game like this with? I think I could find the time in my life to play it… enough to be to worth it, but I dont have the friend for it.

  9. FYI 19:25 he is singing the theme song to Final Fantasy 7 gold saucer for all you fan boys out there.

  10. I have a Lotro in risk form lots of fun to play.

  11. What's great about this game is the storytelling it enables. Once I had a game end on a cliffhanger. Frodo was two corruption points away from becoming corrupted, and one step away from Mount Doom. And when you step on the Mount Doom square, you draw a final corruption token, and if Frodo is still uncorrupted, he wins. The tile I drew was a 2, and I was out of Fellowship members to sacrifice themselves to stop the corruption. BUT… when you are out of Fellowship members, then Gollum automatically joins. And Gollum's power lets you reveal Frodo's location (if he's still hidden, which he was), to reduce the corruption token by 1. So the game ended with Frodo succumbing to the Ring, but Gollum accidentally saving Middle Earth. JUST like in the books. I still remember that moment, even though it was a decade ago. This game feels like you're playing through the story, and that's part of what makes it great.

  12. Did they really treat the glass of whiskey like that? 🙁

  13. So after watching this review, I bought the game, found a friend who was into LotR as much as me and started playing it on a regular basis…..Its now 1½ year later and we still play this game every 2nd week. It has become my favorite game of all time, it has defined multiple new friendships i have made and it is still as exciting to play now as when I started playing 1½ year ago.

    Thanks SU&SD for making this review and really communicating how a glorious experience this game can be.

    PS: And yes, the game is still complicated, have properly only played the game right without a rules mistake 2-4 times 🙂

  14. If you keep caring about the skin color of pieces and what they did in a story it's you who care about skin color, not Tolkien.

  15. Ricky Tenderkiss (Daniel R. Merchán) says:

    Christ Almighty. Some years back, and having not kept up with trends in board game design, I was fiddling with a game concept and asking myself “But how to streamline this? I almost need two separate boards — and surely no one will accept a game with dice, cards, AND tokens…” HA HA HA!!! Looking at this, I now realize I could dump the contents of four separate games into six boxes (six, to make room for fancy miniatures, see) and people would SNAP IT UP!! Ye cats… 🙄

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