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Wavelength Review – How Much Do You Love Your Mum?

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Wow you don’t accept money and sponsors usually well that’s more than I can say about the media so good on you!

  2. Any suggestions on tabletop simulator games to play while we are all social distancing?

  3. Nothing like nationwide social distancing for reviewing a social game

  4. me entering the video Ah! I saw this on Ploygon's Overboard. Look pretty cool. Wonder what SU&SD has to say about it
    me after seeing the abomination of transparent eyes and mouth on a Wavelength dial Well I guess I'm ending my monthly donations.

    But honestly, so geeked to play this. Thanks for being up front with your involvement.

  5. You would most definitely struggle to get it to the pub at this moment in time!

  6. Sadly my husband had a terrible time when we played this with a game group. He was on a team that had two players who didn't really listen to anyone else, even with 4 other people on the team. They suffered a crushing defeat despite my husband being dead right many times, especially when I had given the clue to my team, and they were going for the extra point. It ended up being more frustrating than fun. I hope he'll try again with different people. Rotating who makes the final decision on the extra point and who sets the dial would probably help. Some party games give you a little more agency (like Monikers or Fake Artist), but Wavelength is one that really depends on the group.

  7. do a video on best board-game adaptations for online folk who cannot meet with their gaming group anymore and need an online solution.

  8. those scary british teeth at the end were frightening!

  9. Well, I knew it was going to be a good review when I saw the Moomin cup but then you add a Top Gun reference and finish of with a Mighty Boosh reference?! BEST! REVIEW! EVER!

  10. The END! — so good
    Thank you guys for making quarantine a great time!

  11. Hahaha yes! I take me some Matteo with a side of Tom-a-tio any day! Your reviews are like a little funny tv show episodes with some honest feedback about a board game. Keep it up. Thanks for making me laugh.

  12. Such a great game! Great review, too!

  13. I have started a rival board game review channel called Sit Up & Shut Down. It's a bit more formal but also completely inactive.

  14. That dolly with the teal concealment dial wiping was a really well executed shot. Bravo. Also, as someone who has worked in Journalism: Honesty never hurts, and transparency is the standard bearer of truth, so I applaud your frank, cards-on-the-table, metaphor-mixing forthrightness.

    (Also, indie video game inspired card idea: <–Bae/Bay–>)

  15. Guys could you review wingspan please!

  16. Oh look, it's the Moon's sibling, the Dial!

  17. Any good isolation games you can suggest?

  18. I bought this game thanks to you and I must say ; thank you! The game arrived today and I tried it with my wife, it was an absolute hit, we played it for over two hours , just taking turns and laughing a lot after getting it right Plus the quality of the components is great! This game is amazing for everyone , parties , family and even between just 2 people taking turns.

  19. Can you do a video about how you guys play board games with the current situation? 😱😔

  20. As per the designers recommendation: Give the “shield piece” a quick upward flick for a crisp reveal. Try it, it’s nice.

  21. This looks pretty cool. But we already have "That's a Question".. which I really dig. Do we need two games so similar in idea in our house?????
    So many question marks..

  22. Does anyone else reeeeaaaalllly love how the green handle will slowly slide itself over to the side and gently land in place? Cause i really love that. I went ooooo the first time I saw, paused the video, rewind and watched it again. Production value!!

  23. I think Wavelenght is just a fancier version of Concept. Everytime we play Concept the challenge becomes what is the hardest thing you can tell in this game instead of which group wins the game. Therefore to raise the bar, we play Concept with Tabu cards. I think I might buy Wavelenght as well just to socialize if I survive 2020.

  24. You need to do a Medium review! i played that at Origins, super fun game. the HARDEST part is that the girl demo'ing it was so attractive it was hard to think objectively about anything else

  25. Dial Face Matt is horrifying and is going to give me nightmares, love the show

  26. It’s unusual now NOT to accept money or products from a company being reviewed?? Gadzooks! Firstly, I’m very glad you don’t!! But secondly, I just… I guess I‘d heard there were MASSIVE issues around so-called “influencers,” but I just didn’t realize the extent of it?

    Cripes, no wonder there’s so much wrong with YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et al. I mean, on some level I know not every “content”-creator has gone to J-school? (And even the introduction of the word “content” to supplant the word JOURNALISM, as if everything is just interchangeable filler between commercials, says a lot about what’s wrong with today), but I didn’t realize it was as openly dire as everyone selling their souls cavalierly to promote any old garbage. 😢

    Anyway, thanks for practicing sound media ethics! I’m just shocked one needs journalistic roots or bones, or however you phrased it, to realize shilling for pay, without disclosing that financial arrangement, is wrong. 😮

    I mean, it’s not just in journalism where one must avoid a conflict of interests — avoiding such a conflict when making a decision or when informing another person’s decision is a bedrock premise of liberal humanist democratic society. When did knowledge of that bedrock premise fall by the wayside?

    Anyway, thanks for being transparent. And: I’VE BEEN COOPED UP TOO LONG!!!@$🤪!!?!🤯!@1!!!

  27. Tom is the best! I love he's game recommendations!

  28. Please don't stop making your warm-hearted, humor-filled, expertly-edited, content-ladened, highly creative videos. You bring laughter and lightness into my life and I so appreciate you for doing that! 🙂

  29. 13:52 Reminds me of a game my self-help book loving grandmother used to make us play as children: The Ungame. We became keenly interested in Monopoly after that, also physically torturing each other. Connecting with people sounds good on paper, but nothing can compare to connecting with someone by staring them in the eye and watching them cry inside as your master plan becomes strategic reality.

  30. Chameleon is in a similar field where you can just play it any arbitrary length of time, not keeping score, and still have fun.

  31. Spot on (while super Random) Impression of the moon

  32. I bought this because of the review but sad to say it was a big dud with my gaming group and had to sell it. Still, I thank you SUSD for recommending Cockroach Poker, Skull and Consulting Detective to me back in the day.

  33. That ending was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

  34. That’s when you bring out the backgammon!

  35. I keep seeing these wonderful party games that I can''t help but think "Oh that would have been great to play in class with my students (ESL)" and then I remember I don't teach anymore.

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