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Welcome To – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. You'd think it would just come with laminated sheets instead of paper sheets

  2. Utopia Engine. A good single player roll and write game.

  3. "Rollyboi". That word alone made me google the wiki page. And I am superbly disappoint it doesn't exist…

  4. Guys pls pls pls do the Game of Thrones Board Game. I need you to validate my love for it, or crush me. Either or.

  5. Did they buy that shitty keyboard just for this review? *smash* Yup!

  6. Hey guys, maybe try halo fleet battles please!

  7. I wonder how much it says about me that usually enjoy the Shut up & Sit down review more than I enjoy the board games they review?

  8. I played Railroad Inc at Gencon this year and it was really fun. Was tempted to pick it up.

  9. Hey guys, ever heard of Railroad Ink? It might be really good.

  10. Your video editing has progressed leaps and bounds and is more engaging and slick than ever before! Congrats!

    I can't wait to play this game but I'm already sick of looking it up for customers as its name is really annoying to search 🙂

  11. 0:48 There's actually a car park under that innocent looking square (under the large-ish area of grass I mean, not under Paul, I wouldn't be so rude).

  12. Does anybody have any info on the uk release date of this game?

  13. God I love you SU&SD, just wanted to say thanks for all the years of lovely reviews!

  14. 👍 Recently Subbed and can't find a review of risk Europe, any chance ye could cover it please, me and my mates have had quite a few great games with a few beers obviously. Ps it's very different from risk which is very boring tbh

  15. Any forecast for when the Railroad Ink review is coming out?

  16. When you started , i was sure i would get die of the boredom but apparently that game is not that half bad…as more i watch your review guys, the more i understood that this gamer is playable .

  17. Great review, as always. I don't see myself ever playing this suburbia-themed Bingo instead of some much more engrossing game in our collection, but that's what good reviews are for, to give you good information about whether you would enjoy a particular game or not. Carry on!

  18. So sorry about Paul's unfortunate close encounter with a rattlesnake, but that makes it all the more impressive that this review was so well done. Congratulations to all.

  19. An instant and huge hit with our group. FYI – the rules indicate that the first person to complete a Plan can opt to reshuffle the deck (not sure if that's the very first person, or once for each Plan).

  20. Great game, but the company is a bad one. They are very disappointing. Not consideration for their backers. I would not buy any DWG games anymore

  21. I was one of those who was wondering about the game designer Roland Wright.

  22. No mention of Saint Malo or Viva Java: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game? 😀

    That aide, great review fellas.

  23. at 8:46 how stressful it most be to compete with your friends, when your only writing utensil is a tube of chapstick…

  24. If you keep coming back to this video just for THAT excellent moment, here's the timestamp: 5:59

  25. Should we start calling these “Flip and Fill”

  26. You have got to be kidding me! I really, truly thought there was a guy named Roland Wright who had designed hundreds of board games! I assumed he was an insane German man. World = shattered

  27. After watching this review again, it has reinforced my thoughts that SUSD misses Paul.

  28. A beige box is a good thing. Presumably, this was a joke objection.

  29. I have a new record with your videos: at "Roland Wright" I was already spilling my drink hahahahahahah

  30. I though this was a channel introduction video. I was painfully wrong.

  31. 7:00 So you lose points as people get more and more bissed off?

  32. I just got to try this game on Board Game Arena & I'm loving it so much!! Pretty sure I wouldn't have given it a second look with out having watched this.

  33. I miss Paul, and how the reviews looked a bit more improvised and casual.

  34. Am I the only one who feels like the SU&SD guys write numbers like lunatics?

  35. i agree, this game made me question my original stance on roll and write games. i love that it can be played with any player count.

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