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Western Empires Review – An Ancient, Tactical Mosh Pit

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  1. I was inspired to get the game. Even if it’s just played once, it would be well worth it!

  2. I first played this game in 1982, or 1983 when it was called civilization. Seems like exactly the same game and mechanics.

  3. I happened to go for a piss when Quinn did the rules explanation and it literally did take about a second less

  4. I have 1 question, is that Geekson Megan table big enough for War of the Ring in its recess?

  5. Has anyone played the original axis and allies because it’s ridiculously long

  6. I first played this game ~30 years ago when it was called Civilization…. before the PC game was released. 🙂

  7. Just end the game at an earlier spot in the AST. That's what we did with Civilization.

  8. Game's not big enough. Must have Antarctica, too.

  9. It is an odd niche and perhaps there would be more $$$ if it were football instead of games but know this: You are the best in the world at what you do.

  10. Thanks to you, I’ll never look at my dining table and coffin the same way again.

  11. 6:15. Had to re-wind that real quick to make sure I heard that properly.

  12. this REALLY feels like an update of the original Avalon Hill Civilization board game.

  13. You can find this game now using tabletop simulator on the steam work shop, kinda fixes some of the negatives, for example you can save your games that you are playing with friends, making it possible to play it over multiple day's instead of 1 full day

  14. I don't think I would never envision running this unless I had a groups commitment over more than one slow days and a solid back up… maybe the perfect game for a large household stuck in a lock-down.

  15. This game looks so complicated and oversized it is almost 1% as excessive as The Campaign for North Africa…

  16. This board game is so cool! Too bad I only play with my loving gf, I wish I had more people to play.

  17. I’m not sure I even know 17 other people… 😕

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