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Western Empires Review – An Ancient, Tactical Mosh Pit

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Sounds like an EU game. hyper focused on your corner, look up and find out Wales has conquered the Ottoman Empire.

  2. its not a gaming table if it doesnt fit 18 people, come on now. /s

  3. If you don't think of the price as a standalone number but rather you compare the price of that to that of a nice, standard dining room table it is not unreasonable.

  4. You should have made the table review as a different video. I discovered it because I wanted to find out about the game, but I would have watched a separate video.

  5. Solutions for the game:
    1. Say screw the census every round, and instead give the weakest player the initiative in combat.
    2. Allow weaker players to form confederations. Many ancient civilizations have formed confederations against Rome and Greece for centuries.
    3. Make calamities avoidable by paying resources or troops. That way, the weakest players empire doesn't get rekt due to bad luck.
    4. Lastly, have everyone age up once the first two people reach a certain milestone. In history, all kingdoms eventually adapt or learn new technologies due to trade, diplomacy, or warfare.

    These are house rules of course, however having these rules in a second manual for beginner players would increase the longevity of the game as a whole

  6. What if all disaster cards would be non-tradable? That Egypt is doing really well, but then it draws a calamity, can't call it wine and trade it away and it just has to deal with it. It might still win or the player in second place might win (the Celt might even catch up to a comfortable 2nd place after some of the top players draw some calamities).

  7. so its rise of tribes but on a massive scale

  8. From which games is the board-map that you put on the table at the end while you review the table itself?

  9. People nowadays concentrate too much on nonsense and too little in enjoying life, like playing a game with friends that lasts 10 hours. Heck, we used to have some games on table for weeks back in the old days – that never return because everyone is "busy" doing "more important" stuff which they'll never ever remember doing afterwards. But hey, hope they'll at least have a spotless fancy house when they die.

  10. There is an important point you are missing about the movement and combat, and how a larger civilization can just chomp up a smaller one bit by bit. That's exactly why you move in census order. Larger civilizations have to move before smaller ones, which means the smaller ones have the tactical advantage of knowing what the larger one is doing. So if the Celts are moving 7 tokens into a Roman city, intending to squash it to bits? Well, then the Romans move two tokens in as well, which leads to both Roman tokens and one Celt token dying, and now there are only six Celt tokens who senselessly crash upon the walls of the Roman fortifications.

    Of course, if the Celt player has a big advantage, they are probably aware of this possibility and might enter with eight or nine tokens to prevent such a thing from happening, or at least make it more costly. Well, that's going to spread them thinner, thus making them more vulnerable to other shenanigans.

    That said, I got the game when it was released on Kickstarter. Since then, I've played it a grand total of once (though I also played the predecessor back in the early 90s). Part of that is of course due to the pandemic — finding 5-9 semi-strangers to sit down and play is definitely contraindicated. But even when things go back to normal, it's a game I can see myself playing like once or twice per year. That's in contrast to another game that falls into the "Oh my god how big is it?" category: Gloomhaven, which I and some friends used to play almost weekly for like a year after I got it, and where we kept discovering new things and having great fun.

  11. This is a large game to you. Look up axis and allies global, cost me $148 and i have only played it 3 times.

  12. 21:05 he puts gameboard on the table. Does anyone know the name of that game? Thanks

  13. Carthage, Trapezus, Numidia. I only recognize many of those names because of all the "Kings & Generals" videos I've been binge-watching lately.

  14. Isnt this game called mega civilization?

  15. Aww, man…poor Hatti.Forever overshadowed by its backwoods tributary, Troy.

  16. amazing review of a game. i have not seen anything like it.

  17. Sex with a coffin. The time it takes to pee. All within four minutes. I believe the game is irrelevant. You could just blather on about stop-cocks and you'd still get half-a-million views.

  18. Ahhh…. another game where u need to buy airline tickets to get a group going.

  19. I wish I'd seen that playthrough of Western Empires, Kylie and Rob were in it!

  20. I watch this viddo over and pver again, i just cant stop. I WANT TO BUY IT

  21. Make your own gaming table. You learn some woodworking, you save some money, and you can make it custom to your needs and gaming room. I made mine with cut recesses to put cups in, and i have snack/meeple/dice bowl that fit in those recesses aswell. It fits 2 big games and sits up to 12 people

  22. Loads of people I see when eating out are messy grubby buggers . Bread crumbs and drink spills . You would want a plastic vinyl sheet for it . Maybe some wouldnt care getting crumbs on the felt . Messes with my ocd . Hopefully the infill pulls out if you need to wash it

  23. The escaped Quinns was never seen again. The reviews we now watch are by his alternate. If you look very closely you will still see the small scar left by the pencil.

  24. "expensive" jfc… their kickstarter claims the retail is going to be 1250 and it turns out its 1850. I could buy some land, harvest trees and build one cheaper.

  25. You don’t actually have to bler out nudity if it’s part of a art piece. So the boobs on the box could have just been left there if you wanted.


  27. I’m not sure I even know 17 other people… 😕

  28. This board game is so cool! Too bad I only play with my loving gf, I wish I had more people to play.

  29. This game looks so complicated and oversized it is almost 1% as excessive as The Campaign for North Africa…

  30. I don't think I would never envision running this unless I had a groups commitment over more than one slow days and a solid back up… maybe the perfect game for a large household stuck in a lock-down.

  31. You can find this game now using tabletop simulator on the steam work shop, kinda fixes some of the negatives, for example you can save your games that you are playing with friends, making it possible to play it over multiple day's instead of 1 full day

  32. this REALLY feels like an update of the original Avalon Hill Civilization board game.

  33. 6:15. Had to re-wind that real quick to make sure I heard that properly.

  34. Thanks to you, I’ll never look at my dining table and coffin the same way again.

  35. It is an odd niche and perhaps there would be more $$$ if it were football instead of games but know this: You are the best in the world at what you do.

  36. Game's not big enough. Must have Antarctica, too.

  37. Just end the game at an earlier spot in the AST. That's what we did with Civilization.

  38. I first played this game ~30 years ago when it was called Civilization…. before the PC game was released. 🙂

  39. Has anyone played the original axis and allies because it’s ridiculously long

  40. I have 1 question, is that Geekson Megan table big enough for War of the Ring in its recess?

  41. I happened to go for a piss when Quinn did the rules explanation and it literally did take about a second less

  42. I first played this game in 1982, or 1983 when it was called civilization. Seems like exactly the same game and mechanics.

  43. I was inspired to get the game. Even if it’s just played once, it would be well worth it!

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