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Whistle Stop Review – with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Spencer and Lara take a look at this pick-up-and-deliver train game from publisher Bezier Games.

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  1. Finally able to order this at a reasonable price online. It seemed to either be out of stock almost everywhere or too expensive. (I have a limit for what I'll pay for one game!) Back in stock and now it's ordered. Hope I like it as well as Spencer! Thanks for the great review!

  2. Maybe I missed it, but did you only play with two players? I would bet it's a MUCH different experience with 3 or 4.

  3. For the record Pennsilvania 6-5000 is a phone number in a Movie.

  4. 'Well done production' has a not so well done spelling at 8:00.

  5. Check this out I was an Ameritrash fan only and my new club has thrown me into Euros and now I just love Steam, Russian 1830 Railroads, Railways & Robber Barons, Age of Steam and Railways of The World so this has my attention !

  6. love th look of the game and loved the Dumbo reference

  7. Awwww. It sucks that it isn't mutually loved. With the game being one of Spencer's favorites of 2017, and averaging an 8, I'm guessing it was a 10 and 6 score. How will you guys handle that? Will Whistle Stop be played apart? : /

  8. I dont comment often, but really great job guys.. Ill be watching more reviews in the future

  9. The Empire Builder series are pretty good pick up and deliver games. I'm mostly fond of Iron Dragon. But they are usually pretty long games. Shortest game was 2 hours, longest game 8.

  10. Well-balanced review, thank you! My wallet also thanks you, because I can now wait comfortably for more reviews to come in, maybe even wait until the year's-best lists roll out.

    Two suggestions, if I may:
    1) please keep the lower-screen banners/talking points on-screen long enough to always be captured by those of us who are 10-second YouTube skippers, and
    2) as a fellow hairy- arm guy, please consider wearing long-sleeved shirts during game close-ups and rules explanations. It's not anywhere as close to being as distracting as tattoos, but it is distracting.

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