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Wildlands Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at this light miniatures skirmish game from designer Martin Wallace!

00:00 – Introduction
01:16 – Game overview
08:47 – Final thoughts


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  1. Feels 'king of tokyo' -esq in terms of lightness without dice

  2. thanks for the review, tried to get into conan which has its good parts to it but can be a bit of a game for casual gamers to get into. seems like this takes the board concept, makes it VS, overall it is faster to play and setup.

  3. I was scared for those minis at the end of the video. Cringe worthy. Lol.

  4. Played this for the first time last night – Had a blast! Everybody wanted me to bring it to game night again next week. Love it!

  5. Tom's been really stepping up his color coordination game lately.

  6. Thanks! You review made me write this off the "to buy" list

  7. I think it's cool that Martin Wallace can design this but also something like Brass. Great review.

  8. "Just a fun little light game" – costs 65 euro's…

  9. I love gameplay that requires real-time strategy and tactics mix with interruptions, mechanics is neat, components are awesome.
    The artwork is fine, my only concern was the repetitive use of artwork, tho. I think it's to ID the card's guild, they could just simply make a guild symbol.
    Overall, it's definitely a good game.
    and lastly, OUCH!! at 11:58

  10. OMG, did he really just gavel the miniatures?! I think I just died inside.

  11. Guys, calm down. Tom didn't hammer the miniatures, he pushed them aside with the hammer. Play the video at .25 speed and you'll see.

  12. I learned how to play this today, I was taught by Martin Wallace.

  13. This is exactly what im looking for! a "big" game but a light one

  14. Would you say this is Arcadia Quest Lite?

  15. this is like fast chess with minis and crystals and cards looks like a really fun game

  16. Reminds me of HeroClix "Lite", which I have previously called Arcadia Quest.

  17. Ugh, art style is disgusting to me. The board alone is like looking at a Cartoon Network show.

  18. Please let me know the name of the musical theme at the end ! 🙂

  19. Love that vest! It's distracting me from the review haha jealous! Is there a good game indeed. That's why I'm here to see if it's worth getting the now soloable game of Wildlands with the Ancients

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