Wingspan Board Game Review -

Wingspan Board Game Review

No Pun Included
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  1. Great review. Honest and balanced, yet entertaining as ever. 👍🏻
    Will be backing the next Kickstarter campaign.

  2. Although I disagree with the game's review and critique, your videos are awesome. Keep it up !

  3. Wash, rinse, repeat… got a little redundant and was looking wrap the game up by mid-point of game.

  4. Jamey's got some fun
    Jamey's got some fun
    Saw Wingspan on No Pun
    Looking like a lot of fun


  6. Dare I say, Egg-cellent review! Gizmo gives it two Squawks up! 🙂

  7. After playing this once I can say that I agree with all your observations and critiques. Next time I play I'll have to use that app, too.

  8. You can see that it was designed by a woman. I mean that as a huge compliment. There's just something so charming about it. Everything doesn't have to be ultra manly all the time – that's what I see in the mirror every morning.

  9. It looks so pretty! But I have to say I now want mini eggs…

  10. Disappointing seeing the SUSD Socialist on here )-;

  11. Funny thing. I can't tolerate TM and really liked Wingspan. At 5 players, too. It's not trying to colonize a planet, it's just doing some bird watching. Scale down those expectations!

  12. I don't want to hear a cute video, I want a good one. This game is mediocre.

  13. I can't say I understand what your critique is exactly. You say that all those little static elements like type of nest, number of eggs and points don't have a cohesive way to be incorporated into a strategy. But that's what makes wingspan more about tactics. You can play a bird for it's great ability or for it's loads of points or because you want to put a lot of eggs onto it. You can't have a bird do everything. Choosing between different benefits is what wingspan is all about and what makes it so great because you can only play so many birds but you have so many goals you want to accomplish and are inevitably not going to manage all of them.

  14. Is it all in Metric or can us American's play in feet and inches?

  15. Owning this game, and playing it 15-20 times by now with 2-5 players i can happily recommend this review as the one to watch if you are thinking about buying this game.
    Efka is right on the money on everything.

    After many plays I've come to appriciate this best as a 2 player game. It helps to remedy the fact that its sometimes feel like solitaire x3-5 ppl. In heads up situations, your desicions directly impact your opponent atleast.

    It's my best looking game by far, and it intrigues all my friends by just being on the shelf. It's engine building is interesting and, like Efka said, static.
    I don't by any means regret this purchase. It's already given me/us enough fun to merit it's cost. But untill an expansion comes out, I don't see myself prioritizing this game anytime soon.
    An expansion for this has the potential to make this good game truly great. Can't wait to see what these inspiring women come up with for an , fingers crossed, upcoming expantion.

  16. I didn't like Wingspan. It felt like a step up from Ticket to ride in that ticket to ride revolves around 3 action with the main one being select cards. Wingspan takes the ticket to ride card selection system (don't know original game with system I'm sure it wasn't TtR though), but makes the other actions more unique important and you can customize them. However at that stage you are so dependent on luck you feel like though unlike ticket to ride the 3 actions are now equally useful it depends on the draw. The game gives you the choice of 3 visible cards so most of the time your digging the large carpool for some synergy that will bring you to the front. At a certain point i just felt like I was playing a complicated game of Milles Bourne. Every choice I made felt predetermined and I just hated it.

  17. I love your reviews, but I have a desperate plea to make of you –

    Please, please PLEASE don’t go down the path of SUSD and add lots more useless goofy content to your reviews.

    Some well-delivered humor is (of course) welcome, but I cannot watch SUSD reviews because they are TOO STUPIDLY LONG.

    Please, for the love of all that’s holy – keep it tight.

    Your fan,

    – h

  18. I really think you miss the mark with that "wingspan lacks narrative" comment. Wingspan's redundant powers and similar powers are a masterful representation of evolutionarily conserved traits and convergent evolution. If organisms are redundant in some biological sense, they don't compete for a niche and this game's theme would make less sense: you are selecting an ecologically productive community of birds. Terraforming mars, which I also really enjoy, feels much more like the effects of individual cards are just tacked on. Compare algae vs farming vs any other plant related card in the game. The cards are mechanically different, but there isn't much of a rhyme or reason why one effect gets assigned to one card versus another other than for the sake of hierarchy and balance. A lot of games feel like the designer tried to fit real life mechanics onto their game mechanics. Wingspan is uniquely engineered the other way: attempting to take biological/ecological mechanisms and translate them into a board game.

  19. I have yet to see a crow do a board game review.
    Just sayin' Quinns :3

  20. The feeling I have when I see your reviews is that they are made by people that love playing board games, but are not tied to a contract that makes them "love" all reviewed games. In a resume: Everytime I think about buying a game that everybody says they love, first I try to see if there is a review from you, because it says not only the good things but also the bad things about a game. I hope you continue making these so excelent videos 🙂

  21. the game looks like a half decent base for a game.. take the engines make the birds have more exciting abilities and variations, change birds to spaceships ( transport, mining/utility, warfare) and add a space map on which you have to achieve certain quests.. or if you need more educational value for your kids, keep the birds and ad fish, insects and different other animals to the mix and try to achieve some dominion in the forest.. with a balanced ecosystem as a favorable bonus. would not be half bad to get some expansions with different types of animals out that each have some new features and when you get all the expansions you can then get an addon expansion to merge them into a completely new game.

  22. People say this game is so gorgeous, but from what I've seen in videos & pics, everything but the box cover looks plain & boring. What am I missing? Are the card drawings really that much better in person?

  23. Quinns sounds like The Skeksis from The Dark Crystal. HMMMMMMMM!

  24. Have you guys tried Innovation? It's got over 100 unique cards and is about as wild and interactive an engine builder as you could ever play. Maybe too wild until you play it double digits but would recommend.

  25. Most overrated overhyped game ever I will give you credit for not falling for the hype Theme is dry and not not connected …my groups were interested due to awesome graphics but too complex for newbies and too meh for gamers

  26. I'm marathoning through the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast and heard you were mentioned, so I paused it and had to watch this ASAP.

  27. Does Wingspan’s box really come with that little birdhouse for your dice?? I would buy any game for that prop alone!

  28. Game reviewers crossover!! Game reviewer multiverse?

  29. Excellent competent and fair review. I subscribed immediately

  30. Looks like one of those games with few players interactions which I don't really enjoy. Thank you for this great review.

  31. One thing I love about this game is the components. The booklets have a lovely texture, the cards look amazing, the eggs are cute, and the birdhouse dice tower is just icing on the top and fun to use.

    It even has a little drawing on the box to help organise the box for storage. Lovely pollish on that front.

  32. Anyone else look up “combinatorial” to check if it was a real word?

  33. if anyone is watching years later, the expansions solve the lack of variety very well

  34. Did you feel that the game's expansions addressed any of your concerns?

  35. I really wanted to like this game, and at first I did. But I did not manage to play it my target five times, because I got bored after three games and could not get myself to play twice more.

    Yes, there is a lot that can theoretically happen and there are a lot of different theoretical interactions.

    But in reality, not much of that actually happens or pans out, and you can't even accomplish that much in a single game.

    In comparison, I played Bruges so many times. That's also a game where you can't plan ahead that far, and where the luck of the draw heavily influences your chances of winning.

    But every card really does something different, and you can come across cool new combos every time you play.

  36. I understand the criticisms but I think viewed as a more lightweight/familyweight game I can forgive things like the lack of effect variety in return for fewer questionable rules interactions. I love Wingspan for its chilled and simple vibe. Player count is best at 3, I think, the comment about it slowing down at 4-5 is very on the money but it depends on how lazy your Sunday is as to whether that’s a good or bad thing!

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