Wingspan Review - Board Game from Stonemaier games -

Wingspan Review – Board Game from Stonemaier games

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This board game is all about placing birds in your aviary, but will we be placing this game on our shelves? Check out our review about Wingspan to find out.

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In this video:

0:24 Board Game Rules
1:30 Who should play Wingspan?
2:32 Best Alternative
4:11 Best player count
4:52 Worst thing
5:56 Best Thing
6:52 When to play it?
7:55 Final Rating

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  1. I love your channel guys!!

  2. Watching this review definitely, has me looking forward to eventually getting a copy. Seems like a nice balance for heavy gamers and light gamers.

  3. I love this game! I was hesitating a long time because of the theme but now I really really like it.I got it for 38€ and that's an absolute good price.Also, the solo mode is great too!

  4. I'm absolutely dying to play this game! 😀 It's even available in the library. But most of my family isn't so keen on complicated rules. However, I find it reassuring that you said it's really good with two because I might be able to get my sister to play this (even the English version)! I also really liked how you reviewed this because it really helps when you cover all those different questions and offer your own opinions. 🙂 It made this really enjoyable and easy to watch.

  5. One of my favorite 90 minute or less games. Played it once with five players for almost 3 hours, and I was pulling my hair out and begging for it to end.

  6. Is it wrong that I like to just look at it? I'd like to play it more, but it's intimidating to my wife and there are other games that I'd prefer to play with my gamer friends- like those with themes my family doesn't care for. Good job as always, gentlemen!

  7. Haven't had a chance to introduce it to my friends yet. But I have the "quick start" guides – cards you can give to 4 players that outlines the first few turns. So I hope, once they are ready, that it'll really help.

  8. Red Rising is complex Fantasy Realms ). Wingspan is more like tableubuilder like Imperial Settlers.

  9. Agree, that for gamers -this is more for relax. Very beautiful, great theme. But random in base game is big. And You can stuck with food dice. And some cards are not balanced (but expansion solve these problems).

  10. Love this game! About "For who" must agree with "Everyone". We play with my wife mostly, and at some point, when my sister visited, we offered her to try Viticulture with us and she loved it! So at some point later, when we were going to visit here, we were trying to find what can we offer now (you know, you always trying to bring as much people as you can to the hobby, so you would not suffer alone). We watch some reviews and decided to try Wingspan… Long story short: we end up leaving first copy of Wingspan to her and buying another to ourselves.
    About with who to play: our 7 years daughter enjoys it a lot. She may not plays for the win, but she understands mechanics, and makes not best but still reasonable decisions on her turn…
    Anyways… Loved review, subscribed, thank you for content:)

  11. This was the first board game I ever purchased, so it has a special place in my heart. It brings such a niche theme for gamers – when I bought it along with me to my Tabletop society at university, everyone quickly fell in love with it!

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