Winter Tales board game review -

Winter Tales board game review

Adam in Wales
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Introduction 0m00s
Components 3m20s
An example of gameplay 12m43s
Thoughts on the game 25m20s
Comparison to other similar games 28m20s
Closing remarks 32m12s

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  1. Unfortunately it didn't do very well so they canned it. But I own it and enjoy it immensely with my friends

  2. You should add a better title to the video, so people can find it by searching.

  3. Hmmm but actually there is mistake you do… when you start a quest you dont play any cards until all character activate in response. Then you play cards , tell the story and after another players play cards and now you have a chance to play your last card.
    Also I must notice traps mechanics in ffg release is change to better then original

  4. We olay last night our third game and finally make it unil the end. Without objective and powers. Now when we learn rules we enjoyed the story lines and strategies decisions troughs the game. What can I say!? Amazing game!!!! Im ptetty sure with objectives and powers this game will shine more! I really like it and wonna play more. for begin is hard to understand the way of this gane but when you do is so cool! Genius designer!!!

  5. We play so many games now already… learn rule very well. So with a power modules , objective and if you play more then 5 memories game become really cool. In bith way. As a story and as a competitive aspect too. But players must to know all rules well and play this game at least 5 6 times.
    More we play more we dive deep. This game is so cool! There is no borders for your imagination and more you play, stories become reach and colorfull.

  6. Dude that story of Pinocchio's brother is theatrical worthy! XD

  7. Would you be willing to share your sheet you made with Quest descriptions and rules?

  8. Hey there! You think that it's possible to play only with 2 players? Maybe without the narrator?

  9. I really like this game. Underrated if you ask me

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