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Xia: Legends of a Drift System – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on Jan 16, 2015.


  1. Haha! Best reviewed I’ve seen for a board game! I’m definitely subscribing to this channel. Thank you for the review, bought the game after seeing your review, even though you recommended another game… might buy the other after but, I needed my spaceship fix!

  2. "…and like rocky balboa, this came out in 2010…" (12:35)
    "adrian! do these gloves clash with my robe? what about the sash??"

  3. why are you not linking the Merchants&Marauders review in the description?

  4. About every month or so, my kids want me to pull up this video and let them watch it. If you take into account the near-infinite choices for internet viewing, the fact that new and exciting content is delivered every second, and the fact that they are teenagers, you should understand how great this video is.

  5. Would really like to see an updated review with the expansion! This is by far my favorite game of all time

  6. A rule that has helped with the game. For movement, you can always choose between rolling the engine dice or taking half. And for shields, use a die that is one size smaller, ie instead of a d6 use a d4, instead of a d8 use a d6 etc etc..

  7. I happened to agree with the ending and I own BOTH games and the expansions for each of them 🙂

  8. Xia sounds a bit like a kind of EVE: Online board game.

  9. I played a four player game of Xia once and it's one of the most dissapointing game experiences I've had. Everyone just took their turn and then didn't care in any way about what other players were doing. A couple of players even left the table for long periods between their turns. I ended up winning by getting the ship which gets to move on other peoples turns simply because no one was paying attention to anyone but themselves.

    To me, the by far greatest appeal of board games is social interaction and this game (and some others which I dislike equally) didn't have any of it.

  10. Couldn’t find this game for less than 300 bucks haha

  11. Xia – Embers of a Forsaken Star video review please

  12. Yes, Merchants & Marauders + Seas of Glory expansion are unbeatable.
    But, some people want a space themed game. heheh

  13. Wow that house rule noise really kicks you in the earballs when your listening on headphones…..

  14. Merchants and Marauders???? Are you serious??? You mean this sandbox wannabe boardgame, where you roll dice to fight, just like in Risk? What a shame

  15. Is this game still worth getting?

  16. Watch review. Love it. Look on line to find out where to buy it. See the price is ASTONISHING. Go back to work knowing I will never see this game.

  17. This looks like the PC X- series games (X2,X3, X4) put into a board game.
    Which, in all fairness, is the only way you will get to play it with friends.

  18. I really love XIA (and I've gotten soooo many 20 rolled and therefore points just handed out XD )
    The dice can really screw you over, but you'll roll a lot of them and that gets you (more or less) average turns for most of the time… and hilarious moments whenn not^^

  19. My favorite part of this game is the economy and money.
    Once you get some money it's really rewarding as you get a brand new miniature ships and slot fancy parts into it. Having the coins be metal makes being rich even better.

  20. "tetro-meenos"? I've always said "tet-ron-i-moes".

  21. Wow, I was also considering Merchants and Marauders instead. I guess that settles it. I'll go play Catan.

  22. Remember when this box was considered huge?

  23. Seriously where did you get that table, I want it.

  24. When the only copy you can find is $300 US ;_;

  25. i am looking to buy this game. is there anyone over here trying to get rid of it ? 😀

  26. "Quinns press a button. Paul is beamed into space dying istantly."

  27. 4:00 Weird audio bug there, the audio from the cutaway is only in the right side speaker. I feel like I'm in an ASMR board game channel for weird people now.

  28. Watching this a couple years later, and the "Zeeya/Sheeya" joke still cracks me up, almost to the point of tears. It's such a stupid little joke, but somehow it tickles my humor in just the right way.

  29. I've played this game three times now, and really want to say I like it. All the things said here about why it is good are bang on, Xia is a very clever game that draws you in. There is one HUGE downside that kills this game for me, which probably means I won't play it again. The down time. The first two games were four players, and the wait for your turn to role around again seemed to take forever. The last game was five players, and you could see players completely disconnect from the game in the 20-25 minutes it took for it to become your turn again. Christ, we were joking that you needed to have a game of something else running to play while you waited. It doesn't help that you can plan several turns ahead, and literally have to wait hours to see your plan develop. AND, if you know what you are aiming for the turn you have waited 20 minutes to arrive can be done in a minute or two, and then its back to waiting.

  30. I want that extendable table

  31. M&M is great but the kids (random ones) love to durdle around the drift system while the parents play a serious game around them. I have never seen a game that let players literally do whatever they want to, including decide if they would rather be a NPC for all the other players to interact with. Love the review!

  32. There's a female Chinese mukbang named; Xia Zie, she pronounces her name as; "she".

  33. The game doesnt seem that big… Only slightly larger than my thumb. I just measured. You can test it yourself. Open your eyes sheeple

  34. This is the first review where I genuinely found the reference pare useful. It helped me see how big this game is…

  35. I liked this review until you pulled out the pirate game. Please review games on their own merits and don't go "but you should actually be playing this!"

  36. You absolutely should do a video review of merchants and marauders game, it seems right up the alley for Sea of thieves players

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